Imran Khan condemns Ayaz Mir’s torture

It is with great sadness that I condemn the violence against senior journalist Ayaz Amir in Lahore today. This act of violence is a direct attack on Pakistan’s democracy and its commitment to freedom of the press. The use of fake leaflets and other forms of intimidation against citizens, journalists and opposition politicians is a clear sign that Pakistan is sinking into the worst swamp of fascism. When the state loses moral supremacy, it resorts to violence. This cannot be tolerated. We must stand united against this assault on our fundamental rights and freedoms. only by doing so can we hope to preserve Pakistan’s democracy and its role as a critical voice in the fight for a more just and peaceful world.

The attack on Ayaz Amir is an attack on democracy and free speech in Pakistan. Let us stand together against this act of violence and preserve our fundamental rights and freedoms.

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